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Kim McHugh.....Office Manager
I have worked at CBA Productions since August 2004
As the Operations Manager, I prepare station copies, invoicing, and receivables for our various worthwhile campaigns. I have really enjoyed working in the Radio business and working with all our sponsors.

Email: kim@cbaproductions.com

Brian Michael Woods...Associate Producer
I’ve worked in radio since 1987 and started my career with
CBA Productions in 1993. I am proud to be able to be a part of such
 a great team.  The messages we put out for the community to hear on the radio, are all very positive.  As a father, I know how important our messages are that encourage other parents to talk to their kids about the importance of education our schools have to offer, as well as the dangers of drugs, and for all of us to think before we drink and drive. This also enables businesses to let the community know that they care.
I value all my clients I have worked with throughout the years

Brent Francks
Associate Producer

Hi, Everyone, my name is Brent Francks.
 I’ve been a part of the
CBA team since April 1999, and have been proud to be part of a group who has always shared a common goal.  That goal is to make our communities a safer place to live and work, and especially raise our families.  As a native Californian, I’ve seen the changes that have occurred over the last 40+ years. So I know and truly believe in the importance for the need of our community service programs, and the impact they do have in all our daily lives.  I value our sponsors for all their efforts to help us in our common goal as members of society.  A Better and Brighter Future.  
So, thanks for your support.

Email: brent@cbaproductions.com

Theresa Murray...Associate Producer
Hometown: Anaheim, CA. I am proud to say that I’ve been an account representative with CBA Productions since July of 2004.  I’ve been involved in radio for the past 25 years and I love it. I trained in Santa Monica in 1982, and then volunteered at the 95.5 KLOS community switchboard in 1984 thru 1985 until I moved to Washington State, where I was an on-air talent on KMAS 1030AM.  I sold public service announcements and feel privileged to now work with radio stations nationwide providing safety messages to their local communities.  Being on-air is fun

Email: theresa@cbaproductions.com

James Lewis Zucco Jr. /  aka “Zeke”
Associate Producer
Hometown: Irwin, PA.  20 plus years ago, I came out to California on vacation.  The job situation in the Pittsburgh area was
terrible at the time.  I applied for a job, at the urging of a friend, and
the rest is history.  I have been in the telecommunications / Marketing Field for over 25 years.  I find it challenging, interesting, and rewarding. CBA Productions offers me a chance to improve the greater community, be a productive member of the community, and have fun doing it.
Interest & Info:   Hobbies: – crossword puzzles, sports fan (talk radio), exercising (walking), musician, (play in local bands), 40 years on guitar, vocals, mandolin, bass, and percussion instruments. Family Motto: “Do the Right Thing” and  Rabid Steelers’s Fan

Email: zeke@cbaproductions.com

 Kai Force....Associate Producer
Hometown: Kahana, HI. Working in the Radio, and Voice-over fields for many years, I have had the chance to lend my voice to many different advertising campaigns, and public announcements. Since moving to California in 2008, and joining the CBA Productions family in 2010, I enjoy helping businesses to get involved in our great campaigns, for the betterment of our community. I have always felt that if you put your faith in GOD, and keep your priorities in order, each person can make a difference in the world we live in!

Email: kai@cbaproductions.com

Robert Cadena....Associate Producer
Hometown: Hollywood, CA.  Lived in other parts of southern California for many years.  Likes to play piano and drums,  and arrange music on the side.  I like the driving campaigns to make sure people are more aware of what's going on out there. 


Email: robert@cbaproductions.com


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